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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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We are grateful to know you and over the years we have become friends, all of us here at American Nail Bar would like to say thank you so much for your business!
Happy Thanksgiving!
[09/17/20]   Fall Season is upon us ! We’re here for your Manicure & Pedicure!
Have A Happy and Safe 4th of July!
💙In love with Blue? Go for this
If you are a fan of blue then you may want to own this nail design done by our. Simple but yet still very luxurious.
Come to us and get your nail done with this design today
Or call us to set appointments ladies!
See you!
This beautiful design continues to conquer the girls and women of all ages
😎Making your nails perfect is our mission!😎
Contact us now for appointments!
📋COVID-19 Prevention Tips📋
💥COVID-19 spreads primarily from person to person. Fighting this disease is our joint responsibility. Protect yourself and others by making these 6 simple precautions your new habits:

✅1. Clean your hands often​

✅2. Cough or sneeze in your bent elbow – not your hands!​

✅3. Avoid touching your​ eyes, nose and mouth​

✅4. Limit social gatherings and time spent in crowded places​

✅5. Avoid close contact with someone who is sick​

✅6. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

Stay safe!!
💙If Monday makes you feel tired, let do something different. A new set of pink with floral design will definitely be the best choice.
Wanna own it?
❣️Stop by us and get it done!
❣️Or send us your message to set appointments!
#pinknails #floraldesign
Nude nail art is always elegant, well-groomed, sharp and perfect all year round.
If you’re tired of thinking about what type of nail art you can go with for a long amount of time and for any kind of occasion, try these nude nail art designs from our salon!
Comment below the design you love the most and call us to have it on your nails today!!!
Introducing the Spring 2020 OPI Mexico City Collection! Experience the eclectic colors of the world’s most thriving art scene – Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX) with the OPI Mexico City collection. The 12 shades are inspir...
Whether it’s fine glitter, flitter or chunky glitter, we have a huge range of sizes and colors to suit your needs. US Nails' nail art glitter is sure to sparkle up you nail art designs!
Which glitter nails art design do you like the most? Comment below to let us know.
Call us if you have chosen one!
Do you know what is the meaning behind Purple? It's royalty, passion, wisdom, feminine, romantic, luxury and mystery.
Wearing deep purple on your nails shows that you are confident, artistic, individualistic and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
Want to tell the world about you? Try purple today with our stunning purple nail designs loved by a lot of customers.
Enjoy and get inspired!
Ready to be beautiful everyday with nail art designs from our nail salon?
If you’re into pink, this is definitely your perfect match to be with you wherever you go and in any occasion.
Don’t waste time looking further, call us today!

💅💅7 Tips to Healthy Nails during the Winter

❄️The cold weather is coming. You know you need to change your skin care regimen to help protect it from the cold and wind. But, did you know that your nails need special care during the winter as well? Besides the normal culprits: washing dishes, taking hot showers, using alcohol based sanitizers and nail polish removers, the cold, the wind and indoor heating can all dry out your nails, causing them to break, chip and peel.

️❎Once a week, soak your nails in warm water
️❎Use lip balm when outside to help protect your cuticles.
️❎Wear gloves when outdoors.
️❎Look for a nail polish remover that doesn’t dry your nails.
️❎Be nice to your nails.
️❎Stay hydrated.
️❎Cuticle oil softens skin, repairs cuticles, and extends the life of a manicure.

👉That’s just the benefit to your skin! Your nails also benefit from cuticle oil. They will become more flexible because of the oil, which prevents them from becoming brittle and dry, so the polish is less likely to chip. The cuticle oil also helps keep the polish pliable, which will further reduce chipping. You’ll really be amazed at the difference it makes when you apply it every day!
💯There's no doubt that these simple sets are not only very attractive but also gentle and elegant.
❓ Will you go for Pink, Red or else?
🔆We are sure that you have your own thought. Comment below to let us know.
💪Give a try and become sweet today!
Call us and don't forget to like our page to update more beautiful designs.
#sweetstyle #rockyourday
💯💯Glitter nail always has a power that makes people can't resist before its beauty!
❤️Choosing glitter nail is a smart idea for any who want to attract people's attention and bring a gentle look!
So what are you waiting for? Come to us now and be trendy!
❤️Stop by us and get for yourself a stylish set!

#glitternails #bebeautiful
So why don't you treat yourself a comfortable Pedicure treatment and let us bring your enjoyble moments?👣👣 Here are the top benefits of regularl pedicure 💯
📌Early detection of health problems 📌Decrease in chances of infections
📌Preservation of skin’s moisture 📌Relaxation for the body
Come today and let us make your day!
INBOX us now for appointments!
Let welcome the new day with a colorful nail design. Gorgeous and shining, these sets will be the perfect choice for the weekend!
Which set do you fall in love? The right or the left?
Comment below us know and then call us for appointments!
#bluenails #purplenails #bebeautiful

PINK color is a delicate color which means sweet, nice, cute, romantic, charming, feminine. And for those whose are pink lovers, you will certainly falling in love with these amazing nails art that was designed. Hurry up and get ready, we already set up to welcome you and make you become gorgeous.

📞Make a call right now to set your appointment as soon as possible!

#pinknails #pinkynails #pinknailsart
Thank you for your service!
How To Care For Your Feet In The Fall ? Here are some other autumn foot care routines she and other experts maintain will keep your feet healthy:
1️⃣ Visit a pedicure specialist 1-2 times a month.
2️⃣ Use a hydrating cream every day in order to have soft and shining foot skin.
3️⃣ Take little breaks from wearing a nail polish.
4️⃣ Do peeling once a week.
5️⃣ Warm foot baths and wrapping.

Come to us for Maincures, Pedicures, and all related Salon services !!!

#takecare #pedicure
For those whose falling in love with classic nails, Pink & White nail art designs is the best choice because it's suitable for weekends, prom, party, school, daily day, etc
You must chose this simple and classy manicure on your nails right today. 💅 Let's our professional staffs give your hand shine bright. ✨
📞 Hestitate no more! Drive straight to us and check out these pink and white nails now!
#pinkandwhite #frenchnails #Pink&White
Nude color is still on trend and will never out of date. That's the reason why we introduce you a nude set today.
What better way than to combine glitter with colored nude color? They look perfect with each other. It makes your hands glow so much more.
💯Choose this for the next nails set and be marvelous!!

#nudenail #whitepinknail
💅In a manicure spa treatment, a lot gets involved. It's not just about getting your nails to look pretty. There’s techniques and products that take place, like filing and shaping, deep cuticle work, exfoliation, heated mitt masks, paraffin wax, deep hand and arm massage and lastly buffing and nail varnish. Each of these brings huge health benefits to one's hands and nails. You will notice and feel the difference during the treatment and with a bonus, you get to just close your eyes, listen to calming music and relax.

️❎ Pamper (have me time) and stress relief
️❎ Prevent hangnails from popping up!
️❎ Improves blood circulation
️❎ Improve the appearance of your hands and nails
️❎ Reduce the amount of dry skin build up

📲📲Come and experience great manicure services!

#Manicure 6 red flags that mean it's time to change nail salons From strong smells to dirty pedicure tubs, watch out for these six signs telling you it's time to find somewhere new.
💎💎Glitter is always the perfect way to spice up any nail design and make it instantly stunning.
✨Believe us, you are definitely going to get a lot of turning heads wherever you go with these super stylish and stunning nail designs using black as background.
A lot more to be inspired with glitter
📞Call or 👣walk-in any time for your next appointment.
📣Find out more about us: 682-800-3399
👋Visit us at: 1109 W Interstate 20 HWY, Suite 111 Arlington Texas 76017
#americannailbar #nailsaloninarlington #nailserviceintexas
💋Girls always want to look stylish and love to have cute nail designs to brighten up their day and mood. Nail art is something that adds more charm to your look even if you have worn a simple outfit. Pink and white are beautiful colors that compliment each other perfectly. This color combo can be used in fashion, beauty and more. We love these two colors together and think they are perfect for nail art.💞

We have found some creative ways on how to wear pink and white nails. So, let your creativity flow and create some wonderful designs for yourself inspired from the following ideas.💫
📣Find out more about us: 682-800-3399
👋Visit us at: 1109 W Interstate 20 HWY, Suite 111 Arlington Texas 76017
#americannailbar #nailsaloninarlington #nailserviceintexas
A fantastic treat for your special little lady to make her fingers and toes sparkle.💅👣

🌟Enjoy a bubbly hand soak to condition and soften those overgrown cuticles. Fingernails are beautifully filed, shaped, and treated with a personalised base coat, helping them to grow longer and stronger – every girl’s dream.
🌟We will ask your kid to soak their feet in warm and fragrant water to firm the feet and heals. After this, we soothe and massage them with hydrating moisture to keep them soft before shaping the toe nails and perfectly polishing with a wide choice of fabulous colours to choose from.

Here we give them mini manicures and pedicures to give them the pampering that they will never forget. Book your double appointment now, the best salon for the whole family!💯
📣Find out more about us: 682-800-3399
👋Visit us at: 1109 W Interstate 20 HWY, Suite 111 Arlington Texas 76017
#americannailbar #nailsaloninarlington #nailserviceintexas
#Manicure #Pedicure #Kid

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