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[09/21/17]   EXCITING NEWS COMING!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😷😊😊😊😊😊😊 STAY TUNED!!!
My new nails I did today! NEW Champagne Glitter Hard gel and Mango Crush Glitter Hard gel! :)
[06/16/15]   I've been on a facebook strike of sorts. It's been quite refreshing. I do however have some fun news! I'll soon be upgrading my UV cure lamp to a LED cure lamp. My wonderful company of Light Elegance is reformulating all the hard gels they offer to cure in LED. Shellac gel polish is doing the same! So exciting for those of you who are concerned about putting your hands in UV lamps! I will still use my UV lamp on some of my hard gels as the colors I have had are UV cure products. But will gradually swap all my UV for LED! :)
Nails & Hair by Kasi Smith
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Some elegant nails! :)
Check out these springy beauties! :)
Nail Art is $5 and up! :) Book today!
[03/04/15]   Light Elegance glitters are the best ever when it comes to glitter. The secret formulation keeps all the glitter fully suspended in the gel. When the glitter gel is painted on the suspension makes for a 3D sparkle effect. Once you try my glitters you will never go back to that acrylic stuff!! :)
Champagne Glitter gel. This photo does no justice to this brilliant shade!!
Camo Glitter gel! Omg! Sparkles an Camo colors I don't think it gets much cuter!!
Looky Looky what I got in today!!!! NEW COLORS!!!
[03/03/15]   Hello LADIES!!! I have a spot or 2 open for full sets this week! Who wants to try Gel nails???!!! :) Private message for opening times. :)
Pretty neutrals!!!!!! :)
How's about these beauties I did today!!! Nude With Attitude topped with Black Lace. A lovely combination!
I'm late! I apologize. I'll give yall till morning to comment on this post with your favorite summer nail color! Also SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Good day!!
[02/25/15]   Had a great Light Elegance nail class in Houston. Made it home in one piece. I am sad that all the new colors have to be shipped to me and I don't have them in hand. But there will soon be 14 BRAND NEW COLORS in my collection! :) schedule your nail appointment today! Oh and STAY WARM and stay tuned for WIN IT WEDNESDAY!! :)
How's about these pastel beauties!!!!! :) I have several pastel colors to choose from! Imagine that! :) Happy Saturday everyone!
It is quite possible I have a color addiction. I have so many and want sooooo many more!! :)
Oh ladies look here. Wow. Beautiful color WOW!

The NEW Violet Glitter Gel by Maria Lindberg.
Winner must book and have service complete within 30 days from today February 18th. Or it will become void. Thanks!!
The class is sooooo close. I am beyond thrilled to have to opportunity to gain even more knowledge regarding my nail company and products. Here is a sneak peek of the BRAND NEW GLITTER GELS I hope to have in hand at the class!!!
[02/17/15]   Also you never know when liking photos on my page will earn you discounts so like away. :)
And a preview to the BRAND NEW SHADES! I am hoping to have it in hand the 23 of the month!! :) We love this combo!

The NEW Peek-A-Blue Color Gel and Lagoon Glitter Gel.
In spirit of the movie release I had to have Fifty Shades on my nails! :)
Beautiful shade of plum. I may just have to order that one!!!! :) An oldie but goodie!

Chatty Cassie Color Gel by Celina Ryden.
[02/16/15]   Ooooookkkkkkkk! Peeps! 1st and for most thanks for liking my page. :) I have huge goals for this page. No matter if you live local. Or away. Already are one of my amazing clients. Or are considering nail services or enhancements! Stay tuned for give aways. Photos and much more. Like the posts so you keep seeing the GOODIES!!!!!!!! :)
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